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Jennifer Oz LeRoy has led a long and successful career in hospitality that started when she was just 16 years old and started working in the kitchen at her parents famed restaurant Tavern on the Green. over the next 8 years she would work every position in the back and front of the house to learn the business from the ground up. In 2001 she would take over Tavern on the Green from her father, Warner LeRoy. As acting C.E.O Jenny Oz oversaw 40 million dollars in hospitality revenue a year leading over 1000 employees at both Tavern on the Green and Russian Tea Room.

Jenny also successfully consulted on restaurant and hotel brand Gurney's Montauk which consists of 800 dining seats over 4 dining areas, 17 buildings on the 11 acres Montauk beach front property. With a great success rate consulting on properties in the Hamptons, Jenny Oz also opened and operated Capri Hotel with restaurant Beautique Southampton.

She went on to run and own multiple restaurant locations and most recently has launched the revival of the iconic New York City restaurant Maxwell’s Plum in Wellington Florida. Jennifer leads a team of Catering and Event Planners based in New York and South Florida, and Events Venue Oz Farm in Hudson Valley.

Some of Jenny Oz's past event clients have been: Jennifer Lopez, Real Housewives, F-1, VMA awards, James Bond Movie premiere, Boys and Girls Club, Neiman Marcus and many more.

"A restaurant is a fantasy, a kind of living theater in which diners are the most important members of the cast," Mr. LeRoy said in 1976. "It is one of the few creations that appeal to all of the senses, and one with which I can create my own world."
–Warner LeRoy
"Nobody can out-showbiz Warner in a restaurant, and probably nobody would want to, but in defining the edges so authoritatively, everybody took notice."
–Danny Meyer from the New York Times

"I was so blown away by his designs that I opened my first restaurant, Montrachet, with practically no design, saying, How could I compete with that?"
–Mr. Nieporent recalled.

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Maxwell's Plum belongs to Shale Hill Hospitality Group: providing high-quality, thoughtful, start-to-finish experiences. Learn More about Shale Hill Hospitality Group here.

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